paper bags   NWPP (Non Woven PP) fabric   Recycle AND degradable begs
woven PP shopping bags   Cotton Bags   jute-shopping-bags

Green Pack company leads the field of ecological bags
produced from natural materials Recycle plastic bags and bio-degradable bags.

The company provides solutions and response to the bags and to designed packings that will contribute to guarding on the environment and to the incentive of customers to the use in the bags of cloth and natural materials mtclim and recycled.

Our products:
 Jute Shopping bags
 Non woven poly propylene fabric (nwpp) bags
 Cotton bags
 Canvas bags
 Wine bags
 paper bags
 Recycle plastic bags and Bio-degradable bags

 woven PP shopping bags

Green Pack
  is a young dynamic company is founded
with the intention To encourage green consumers

To enable  business,Shopping network, stores and to the institutions that inhale to contribute to the defense of the environment.
To encourage use in bags and packings from friendly materials in unique innovative design

To be ambassadors of environmental deed to recycle and to prevent wastefulness

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